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Quick Bio

Originally from Minnesota Andy Reese is vice president of an international consulting company ( and a leading expert and author on sustainability and urban water management.

Andy has a passion to see that people are healed emotionally and sent along the path of their destiny with God. He operates a non-profit organization to facilitate the freedom ministry model called Freedom Prayer ( He  and his coauthor have written a book on being an emotional and spiritual "first responder" - Freedom Tools (Chosen Books).  He is also passionate about all things intergalactic - and gives a popular multimedia presentation on the immensity and majesty of God and the incredible story of the Star of Bethlehem ( 

He is married to Susan The Amazing, is the father of four children and a grandfather to a growing tribe, and lives in rural  Franklin, TN.

























To connect with Andy email him at:

Blood Moon Tetrads

In 24 as the hype about the Blood Moon Tetrads was growing Andy, perhaps because he is an amateur astronomer and has been doing a project called "Trajectories" tracking some of the signs of the end, was asked several times his opinion on the phenomenon and what "sane but expectant Christians" should be thinking. This video is the outgrowth of those requests.

In it Andy discusses Here are the contents: (1) what is happening 0:00, (2) what some are saying about it 3:47, (3) the conflict between seer and scientist 12:49, (4) our own end times theory 24:24, (5) scientific and historical basis for all this 40:23, (5) real world end times sign tracking "trajectories" 50:49, (6) how Jesus answered this exact question about what to do 59:23, and the snappy close 1:06.


You can find it on YouTube here:





In 2011 Andy began sharing daily, or almost daily (ok sometimes more than one a day) about what he and God were thinking and talking about. Since they were "too long for a blog and too short for a tweet" Andy began to post them on Facebook. Word got around and many people began to read and share them.

They tend to be wry, sometimes edgy, often encouraging observations of life and especially Christian life. Recent comments have included:

"made my whole day - keep writing"


"ok ya got me... now I gotta repent :)"

"...I wanna follow you around just to see where you get this stuff - so good!"

After some time so many people asked Andy to save them and put them somewhere he went back and retrieved them and began to collect them. The result is the first edition of "Bleats" which is available in both Kindle version and paperback through Amazon.

And now, in late 2015 Andy released Bleats 365 - daily readings for a whole year, fun, inspirational, and some times laugh-out-loud irreverent.


You can also keep up with new Bleats at Andy's Facebook page (click to be whisked away):

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A story of immense majesty, interplanetary intrigue, narrow escapes, strange coincidences, signs in the night sky, mystical visitors, and a centuries old chess match between God and His dark opponent... with the fate of all mankind hanging on a star. 

And best of all... it's true!

Andy combines original investigations, thorough analysis, hours of background reading, and quite a few never found truths and "coincidences" to bring you the most accurate and up to date explanation of the Star of Bethlehem, and more, the amazing ways of God through the centuries making it possible.

This is an on on-site multimedia presentation (Andy will come to you), streaming video or at-home DVD digipac that compellingly portrays the majesty, science, geography and history behind the story of the Star of Bethlehem and the Magi.

NOTE; The streaming video presentations do not work on Google chrome due to the fact it no longer supports Adobe Flash. They do work on Fire fox and Internet Explorer.

He has spoken at universities, public schools, private schools, for Dave Ramsey staff, churches and business groups both secular and Christian.





Freedom Tools

Freedom Tools is a definitive guide to Freedom Prayer Ministry but is also so much more. Many churches have used it as a long-term bible study or Sunday school class because of the key foundations it builds into someone's life.

Now in its second edition and adding Jennifer Barnett to the team, it is used by every domination and sold on every continent except Antarctica. It has been sold and used in Charismatic Churches, Churches of Christ, Baptist, Presbyterian, and even blogged about by an Orthodox Priest!

 Here is what a few people you may know are saying:

"Extremely Instructinve and Practical"

Max Lucado, Pastor and Author

This book is sure to bring healing to the church. It is both practical and profound." 
  Bill Johnson, pastor Bethel Church Redding, CA

" will find this book a refreshing and corrective contribution to the much-needed ministry of pastoral care."
                                                 Neil T. Anderson, Freedom in Christ Ministries

"Freedom Tools provides a way to help you travel light by unpacking those bags (heavy loads) and leaving them behind."
                                                Rich Stearns, President World Vision US

Other endorsements by James Goll, Don Finto, David Kyle Foster, John Loren Sanford, C. Peter Wagner, and many pastors, psychologists and counselors.

The best place to order Freedom Tools is at our web site The Freedom Resource. It is also available through Kindle on Amazon.





Your Destiny

The Non-Random Strategy Against You



Freedom Prayer Ministry

Freedom Prayer Ministry is a lay-based "spiritual first aid" approach to prayer ministry designed to help others in simple, informal, daily and church-based settings be more free from sin, pain, strongholds, and limiting beliefs. It is trans-denominational and has been found useful in thousands of church, daily-life, and therapeutic settings. It has spread to many churches and has helped be a transformative agent in discipleship, decision making, marriage and children's ministries and the daily life of the church.

The Freedom Resource is a 501(c)(3) non- profit that works to support and facilitate a freedom model and set of tools and understandings we call Freedom Prayer. Based on the best of several prayer ministry models and tools, Freedom Prayer is a flexible approach that is spreading among hundreds of churches and individuals. It borrows the best from many sources, adds new understandings, and fits them into a framework that is balanced and effective. We offer downloadable materials, links, training, and more.

We are all volunteers, normal people, friends, and family – just like you. That is
the beauty of Freedom Prayer, it is simple, and it is for us – all of.



Freedom Prayer Characteristics


Papa's Love Letter


Ministry to the Broken



Two Things

Two Things is mostly just an idea. Two Things connects the hearts, wisdom and experience of proven "fathers and mothers" to the next generations by giving them the opportunity to share two things they would like to pass on - live and unrehearsed.

Long gone are the days where multiple generations live together, take meals together, and sit and talk together. While there may still be respect for "elders" there is little or no natural way to interact with them. Many twenty and thirty-somethings have moved far from their families of origin. It is very rare, even in church settings, for exemplary individuals but who are not part of the pastoral team, to have a chance speak meaningfully to the next generation.

What is a Thing?
Two Things is designed to give such individuals a chance to share directly and effectively Two Things that they would want to pass on to the next generation. The only framework for the Two Things is that they must be something that:

  • is personal, and of significance in their lives;
  • has stood the test of time; and
  • relates in some way to how they walk out their relationship with God, life and others.

Who shares a Thing?
The individuals come from many walks of life but they all share a few things in common in the eyes of others:

  • they are at least 50 years old (ok maybe a couple slight exceptions for those we did not want to reveal their age!);
  • they have made life decisions and lifestyle choices that have made them successful in life and recognized by others as significant in the kingdom of God;
  • they have a track record of changing their world in profound ways by their lives and efforts; and,
  • they might be a little embarrassed to be so recognized!

When and where were Things shared?
Two Things was a series of talks. It may happen again. Maybe you or your church or organization would like to do a series.

Here is the lineup:
    - Dave DeLoach
    - Laura and Chris DuPré
    - Stan and Alice Weber
    - Jim Henderson
    - Wes Yoder
    - High and Lisa Harris
    - Barbara Robinson, Betsy Headden, Dabney Mann
                (aka. Crazy Women night - our version of Celtic Women)
    - Brown and Debbie Bannister





Essential Israel

 “The Essential Israel Project” attempts, on the bases of biblical study and roundtable facilitated discussions with people experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of related fields, to answer the question; “What are the essentials for every individual and church to believe and do concerning Israel?”

Our goal was to be able to honestly and confidently honor God, Israel, and all peoples in accordance with God’s spoken word. We worked through and eliminated things that were nice but not essential, things that provoked theological argument in non-essentials (e.g. eschatology issues), or things that were obviously only cultural or historical). The paper provides background, philosophy and a comprehensive table of those scriptures that seem true for all people in all times.






(yes its true Andy has a secret life)

Andrew J. Reese, president of Andrew Reese, LLC, is an experienced consultant, popular speaker, and effective short course leader. You can Google him using "Andrew Reese and stormwater" (no not the guitarist).

Having worked in all 50 states and several countries, Andy is considered a widely experienced and well known municipal stormwater expert. In the last 30 years his clients have included Federal agencies, states, over 100 municipalities and private sector industrial and development interests. 

He began in a research role in many aspects of stormwater management and water resource engineering. Over his career he has worked in the areas of: hydraulic and hydrologic engineering research and criteria development, modeling and master planning of stream and stormwater systems, stable channel design, Green Infrastructure design criteria development, stormwater LID design, water quality permitting, stormwater funding studies and implementation, software development, teaching numerous short courses and at Vanderbilt University, public speaking, meeting facilitation, management consulting, public awareness and education programs, development of ordinances, legislation and policies, expert and legislative testimony, and management of large and complex municipal stormwater program developments.

His current focus is municipal stormwater management with special emphasis on Green Infrastructure and sustainable design and stormwater financing. He has managed complex Green Infrastructure master plans and designs (e.g. Nashville GI Master Plan for CSO Control Plan Implementation) and has led in over fifty stormwater funding projects including some of the largest and most organizationally complex in the United States (e.g. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District).

Mr. Reese is known as a humorous, energetic and insightful speaker having delivered speeches and training at over 200 conferences and meetings including twenty keynote addresses (e.g. the first annual STORMCON conference). He has consistently attained the highest rating at National League of Cities conferences, EPA webcast, ASCE short courses, and at STORMCON. He is able to clearly communicate in non-technical ways and capture and hold an audience’s attention.

Known as a clear and articulate writer, he has published over forty-five articles and papers nationally and internationally on subjects such as: LID and sustainable development, stormwater utilities, public awareness, stable channel design, sediment loss and transport, urban stormwater management, regulatory compliance, and stormwater quality.  He also has co-authored an authoritative and best-selling, 1400 page, textbook: Municipal Storm Water Management, now in second edition and was the principal author of the nationally popular Georgia Stormwater Management Manual as well as over twenty stormwater and site design manuals.

He is married and the father of four children who are all adults or think they are. He lives south of Nashville, TN.


MSBA, Business Administration, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1981.

MS, Hydraulic Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1977.

BS, Civil Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1975.





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